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30 Ideas to Draw Your Social Media Audience This September

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

When it comes to creating a community around your brand, engagement is everything. The more your audience can get to know you and what you value, the better business will be. To make it all happen, we’ve put together a whole month of recommendations. Try these September social-media-marketing ideas to hook your audience and keep them coming back for more.

This month in Designs you’ll find brand-new graphics to celebrate the September holidays from Labor Day to Yom Kippur. Check them out!

It’s Time for Social Media Content They’ll Remember

Week 1

  • September 1 – Summertime is out; “back to the office” is in. Show off the tactics and systems you use to stay organized throughout the year. ✏️📓

  • September 2 – You know this community like the back of your hand. Give the scoop on the best-kept secret in your neighborhood, from the best view to the most underrated restaurant. 🤫

  • September 3 – New month, new possibilities. Spotlight an upcoming open house using an Open House announcement graphic from Designs.

  • September 4 – The right door can really make a home pop. Send out an appreciation post for some of the neighborhood entrances you “a-door.”

  • September 5 – Week one is done! Create a video to share a goal you have for this month (and be ready to check in later). ✅

Week 2

  • September 6 – Today is Labor Day and tonight is the start of Rosh Hashanah! Celebrate with your audience by using one of our Holiday graphics.

  • September 7 – What is your local rec center up to? Highlight an upcoming event or class that you may just attend yourself …

  • September 8 – The middle of the week just hit! Share a thought, quote, or image that keeps you motivated every day. 💯

  • September 9 – Out with the old, in with the new. Let your audience see a fresh listing with a For Sale graphic.

  • September 10 – Happy Ganesh Chaturthi! Wish your audience joy and prosperity with a Ganesh Chaturthi graphic in Designs.

  • September 11 – Nothing says local like handmade. 👌 Spotlight three artisans in your area that make their wares from scratch.

  • September 12 – It’s #SundayFunday. Let your audience know your favorite way to unwind before the week starts again. Plus, use a story to check in on the goal you made for September!

Week 3

  • September 13 – There are so many amazing vendors to choose from. Take today to highlight a Black-owned business that you’ve loved working with.

  • September 14 – A good team member can be a valuable partner. Share your love for a team member who makes working fun. ❤️

  • September 15 – Yom Kippur begins at sundown! Share in the celebration with a Yom Kippur graphic this evening.

  • September 16 – It’s the middle of the month. Keep your audience informed with a market update, and use our Market Update graphics to do it!

  • September 17 – Does your audience know the value of their home? Make it easy for them to find out with a Home Value graphic. 💸 🏡

  • September 18 – Yay or nay? Check the pulse on community favorites with a this-or-that poll.

  • September 19 – A home is where you get to express yourself. Share a piece of your home that you made sure to curate exactly to your tastes.

Week 4

  • September 20 – Something’s coming … 👀 Tease an upcoming listing with our Coming Soon graphics.

  • September 21 – Show your followers that you’ve got the know-what as well as the know-how. (Hint: Use our Local Expert graphics to get started)

  • September 22 – Fall is officially here! 🍂 Say hello to the new season with our Holiday graphics in Designs.

  • September 23 – Nothing like mama’s home cooking. Give your audience a taste of your favorite family-owned and operated restaurant.

  • September 24 – Time to brag! Show off a home that’s under contract.

  • September 25 – Is there a chill in the air? Time to put the finishing touches on the outdoor scenery. Share your favorite painting vendors with your audience so they can know where to get a fresh coat before the weather turns.

  • September 26 – Fall flavors are the best. Share your favorite fall-themed spice combos with your followers, and maybe even a recipe to try out. 🌰

Week 5

  • September 27 – Let’s boost your audience’s confidence with an informational Neighborhood Snap.

  • September 28 – It’s corn-maze season! 🌽 Highlight your favorite local farm where your audience can find fresh produce and get a little “lost in nature.”

  • September 29 – Home is where you can get comfortable. Share a listing with a cozy atmosphere using For Sale graphics from Designs.

  • September 30 – Today is the last day of September! Reflect on the goal you set in the beginning of the month, and use caption space or a video to talk about successes and roadblocks you met along the way.

Share Your Tips and Strategies

Let’s talk about what’s working. As you implement these ideas into your social media strategy, we want to hear which tips and tricks create the most engagement with your audience. Let us know in the comments below!

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