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Five Powerful Responses to In-the-Moment Client Objections

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Ever find yourself at a loss for words after a buyer, seller, or member of your sphere of influence raises a concern? Clash of the Closers gives you a front-row seat to hearing how top-performing Keller Williams agents handle themselves in such situations.

According to kwX head of industry and Clash of the Closers host Jason Abrams, real estate agents shouldn’t just have the ability to move people into action, but help them make the right decisions along the way. “This is the essence of fiduciary duty, and that’s what we talk about on Clash of the Closers,” he says. “It’s absolutely filled with mega producers, mega coaches, teams and individuals..”

The best of the best will duke it out in the final round of Clash of the Closers at KW’s upcoming fully digital Mega Camp, which runs August 23-26. In the meantime, here are five expert objection-handlers from four Clash of the Closers semifinalists. Ready to see them battle it out at the event? Tickets are still available. Get yours today!

Concern: I don’t want to refer anybody to you because I don’t want you to call and bother them.

Expert: Denny Grimes, KW Naples

I fully understand. It sounds like you’re a good friend. Let me ask you, you said two things—you don’t want me to call or bother them. Does that mean you don’t want me to call them or you don’t want me to bother them?

*Wait for response*

I get that. Let me ask you, how would you like to be a hero to your friends? If I found their wallet on the sidewalk and it had $30,000 in it, would you mind giving me their number so I could call them to give them that money? Well, that’s kind of what’s going on in the real estate market. The homes are valued much more than they ever have been before, and your friends could actually be looking at thousands of dollars of extra equity. Even if they want to buy, they could join this market and ride the equity elevator up and make money in this market. So you could actually be a hero to your friends. By letting me call them, I won’t bother them. Is it okay if I call them? So you’re the hero?

Concern: An iBuyer company is willing to give me [INSERT AMOUNT], and I won’t have to go through anything. If I go with them, I won’t have to clean. I won’t have to get ready for showings. I won’t need to leave the house. They can make it so easy. Why should I go with you?

Expert: Tyler Coons, KW Maui West

I appreciate you bringing that up. We’ve had several folks like yourself bring that up lately, and what they’ve discovered when they dug underneath working with an iBuyer is they’re actually going to be giving away a lot of their equity to that iBuyer, where, with working with us, we can take care of everything for you so you have no headaches and you have no hassles. And then we can actually get those dollars and pass them onto you rather than just giving them away to the iBuyer. That’s what you really want, isn’t it?

Concern: I want to wait for an all-cash offer. Cash is king, and it feels safer to me.

Expert: Matt Sargent, KW Nashville – Mt. Juliet

I can totally understand your desire for a cash offer. But let’s look at it another way. If we continue to market the property and it sits on the market waiting on that cash offer, folks are going to think there’s something wrong with the house, there’s an issue. So let’s do this—I’m going to go back to my office and review the couple offers we have, call their agents and interview them, call their lenders to make sure they’re on top of it. And how about we meet at 5 p.m. today to review the offers we do have and see if one of those fits?

Concern: We want to buy. But we’re in a bubble right now, and we don’t want to overpay for a house.

Expert: Toni Zarghami, KW Sarasota/Siesta Key

That’s fair. Tell me what you think overpaying is. What does that look like for you and your family?

*Buyer Responds*

Well, I’m so glad we’re having a real estate conversation. This is very different from 2008-2009. And from all my accounts, this is not a real estate bubble. It’s very different. This is a low-inventory state. So before when prices went way up and then they dropped way down again and people were scrambling to buy inventory, that is absolutely not what we are in anymore. We are in a low-inventory state. As your trusted real estate adviser, every day that we are not making an offer and going under contract on a house, prices are continuing to go up. And I know you said earlier, ‘Well, prices could go down.’ Let me tell you something. If I had a crystal ball, I would be sitting on my own private island somewhere. But what we are seeing continuously week after week is prices continue to increase. It’s not a bubble. Now’s the time to buy.

Concern: You’re taking too long to sell my house.

Expert: Denny Grimes, KW Naples

What’s more important—selling faster or selling for more money?

*Seller responds*

So you control the gas pedal. Remember, we talked about three things that can happen when you list—low to no showings, showings and no offers, or it sells. We’ve had 15 showings and no offers in four days. So what’s the remedy? We have to reposition. Are you willing to reposition your home in order to get a contract quickly? Well, you control the throttle on the speed of the sale, and so all we have to do is reposition and a contract will be waiting for you. Are you ready to reposition today?

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