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31 Conversation-Starting Social Content Ideas to Try This August

Maintaining your social media presence is essential to growing a community around your brand. However, brainstorming and creating social content can take up a lot of your valuable time. To make things easier, we’re sharing 31 engaging social content ideas that you can post every day this August. Each of these content ideas will help you brand yourself as the choice expert in your neighborhood.

This month, share new resources with your sphere, try your hand at video, and celebrate summer fun.

Wow Your Audience With Fresh Content

Week 1

Aug. 1 – Get motivated for the new month by sharing a personal goal and asking clients about their goals.

Aug. 2 – Generate leads by reminding your audience how valuable their home is with a Home Value graphic.

Aug. 3 – Brag a little and show off an under contract property with a graphic from Designs.

Aug. 4 – Encourage clients to stay connected with neighbors and aware of events. Consider starting your own Facebook group to connect community members.

Aug. 5 – Spread the love and highlight a preferred vendor. Show your clients what makes them amazing.

Aug. 6 – Encourage interaction with a poll. Share two kooky home features and ask “this or that.”

Aug. 7 – Read a great book or article lately? 📚 Share your favorite reads with your sphere and encourage them to do the same.

Aug. 8 – Share your story. What got you passionate about real estate?

Week 2

Aug. 9 – Start the week on a positive note. Share the power of affirmations with your clients and ask them what their affirmations look like.

Aug. 10 – Get specific. Highlight the current situation in your neighborhood with Neighborhood Snap graphics.

Aug. 11 – Get loud! 📣 Check out our new Buzz Graphics in Designs.

Aug. 12 – Show off a great new listing with a Just Listed graphic.

Aug. 13 – Get ready for the weekend and give TikTok a try! Repost your content across other platforms.

Aug. 14 – Help your clients cool off in their backyard this summer with useful outdoor tips.

Aug. 15 – Sunday funday! Share a meme or photo of a cute pet. 🐶 Bonus points if the neighborhood has a pet-lebrity.

Week 3

Aug. 16 – Video is killing it on social. Do a halfway point check-in with your sphere by shooting a video in which you ask your audience to share any questions they have. (Psst … you can use those questions as future content opportunities.)

Aug. 17 – Share a win and highlight a Just Sold home with a graphic from Designs.

Aug. 18 – Answer a common buyers’ question by using our Buyer and Seller FAQ article as a resource.

Aug. 19 – Spread the word about an upcoming open house with our Open House graphics.

Aug. 20 – Whether it’s an event you’re hosting or a community event, generate buzz for a fun upcoming party.

Aug. 21 – Give your audience new hosting ideas by sharing a favorite snack or beverage recipe for the weekend.

Aug. 22 – Wish your clients a happy Raksha Bandhan. Share the meaning behind the holiday with our Raksha Bandhan graphics.

Week 4

Aug. 23 – Share testimonials from your biggest fans with our Client Testimonial graphics.

Aug. 24 – Sellers have tons of questions, and today is your chance to answer them. Use our Buyer and Seller FAQ article as a resource.

Aug. 25 – No matter what industry your clients work in, it’s possible they’re suffering from burnout. Help them overcome it with eight mindset resets.

Aug. 26 – Love your area? Spotlight a business that is new to town.

Aug. 27 – Share the hottest trends and keep your audience current with our Trend Alert graphics.

Aug. 28 – Encourage energy savings. 💡 Leverage our article (coming soon) on saving energy and cutting your bill.

Aug. 29 – Share a Sunday story! Post a fun poll on your social media story.

Week 5

Aug. 30 – Back to work! Share a source of inspiration from your daily commute. 🚗

Aug. 31 – Get excited, it’s the end of the month! Post your top 5 favorite moments of the month and ask your audience to share theirs.

Share Your Strategy

Make sure to let us know what your favorite content ideas are and which ones your audience responds best to. Drop a comment with the social strategy tips you’re learning along the way!

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