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31 Scary Good Content Ideas for Your October Social Media Calendar

Building a community around your brand requires regular engagement on social media channels. When your audience can get to know you, they can begin aligning values and trusting your brand. We are here to help you implement this social content by sharing a whole month of ideas for your October social media calendar! Each idea is designed to help you hook your audience and build your brand.

This month, gear up for success with holiday graphics and some scary-good social content ideas!

Get Your Audience to Fall in Love With Your Content

Week 1

  • October 1 – It’s the start of a new month! Manifest positive outcomes by sharing why October is going to be amazing. Ask your audience to join in with what they are looking forward to as well.

  • October 2 – The right light can really brighten up a home. Tell your community about your favorite vendor for unique lighting fixtures inside the home and out!

  • October 3 – The show must go on! Highlight a local theater in your neighborhood and ask your audience which productions they’re especially interested in this season.

Week 2

  • October 4 – Starting the week is so much easier when you’re surrounded by wonderful coworkers. Take today to highlight someone you just love to work with and why!

  • October 5 – Something “listing” this way comes! Show off a sneak peek of a listing Coming Soon with graphics in Designs.

  • October 6 – Autumn color palette? Yes, please. Let your audience see your favorite October color scheme with a fall look.

  • October 7 – May Goddess Durga bless you with power and lead you to new beginnings. Celebrate Navaratri with a holiday graphic!

  • October 8 – A fireplace can make a home feel warm and welcoming. Share three listings that feature a beautiful hearth to cozy up around.

  • October 9 – You have your finger on the pulse of the neighborhood market. Share that local knowledge and keep your followers up-to-date with a Local Expert graphic.

  • October 10 – These bitter nights call for something warm! Post a photo of your go-to cold weather drink and share the recipe for your followers to try.

Week 3

  • October 11 – It’s Indigenous Peoples’ Day! Share your appreciation for the many beautiful indigenous cultures in our nation and around the world with an Indigenous Peoples’ Day graphic.

  • October 12 – Don’t be afraid to share what makes your listing so special! Use a For Sale graphic to get you started.

  • October 13 – Wednesday is for Women! Highlight three businesses in your neighborhood that are woman-owned.

  • October 14 – It’s time for a midmonth snapshot! Show off your insights into the local real estate market with a Neighborhood Snap graphic.

  • October 15 – Happy Boss’s Day! Thank your leaders who help build your confidence and knowledge with a holiday graphic.

  • October 16 – Let’s carve out some good memories! Do some pumpkin carving and share your design with your followers. Hopefully your carvings will ex-seed expectations!

  • October 17 – Being strong can look different situation by situation. Share a post of someone who inspires you with their fighting spirit! Ask your audience to share who inspires them and why.

Week 4

  • October 18 – A welcoming walkway can really set the tone when you approach a home. Share some local highlights that really add character to the plot.

  • October 19 – It’s been a minute! Let your audience know what’s going on with a Market Update graphic.

  • October 20 – Some vendors go above and beyond to provide truly exceptional service. Share a story of a vendor who saved the day for you.

  • October 21 – October is the time to pull out the oldies but goodies. Use your story to create a this-or-that poll and see which Halloween movies your audience loves best.

  • October 22 – Get the word out! Use our Open House graphic to spotlight an upcoming open house.

  • October 23 – Celebrate the season by highlighting three listings already painted to match. If it’s painted with rich yellows, browns, or reds, show it off!

  • October 24 – Caution! Your Halloween decorations have knocked our socks off. Share a picture of your spooky decorations to get your followers in the spirit.

Week 5

  • October 25 – Eyes may be the windows to the soul, but when it comes to homes, windows are! Share three unique windows in your community that add character to the home.

  • October 26 – There’s nothing more adorable than a little kid in a costume. Share a picture of your favorite Halloween outfit from back in the day and get a few “aws” from your audience.

  • October 27 – Show off a home that is under contract with a new graphic from Designs.

  • October 28 – What is your local recreation center up to for Halloween? Invite your audience to attend whatever fun event is going on.

  • October 29 – Halloween is almost here! Post a picture of your costume and ask your audience what they’ll be dressing up as.

  • October 30 – Help your followers reevaluate their net worth. Tap into our Home Value graphics to remind your audience of the value of their home.

  • October 31 – Witching with love that you have a boo-tiful Halloween! Celebrate with these Halloween graphics!

Share Your Tips and Strategies

Let’s talk about what’s working. As you implement these ideas into your social media strategy, we want to hear which tips and tricks create the most engagement with your audience. Let us know in the comments below!

Original Source: “31 Scary Good Content Ideas for Your October Social Media Calendar.” KW Outfront, 28 Sept. 2021, Accessed 1 Oct. 2021.

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Edward Johnson
Edward Johnson
Oct 19, 2021

Excellent diatribe. Simple , yet with adroit cadence. Dynamic to case specific. All a ya all have your preverbia in one trick bag. I will enjoy visiting you here.


Edward Scott Johnson

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