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Keller Williams Introduces New Homes Community for Agents to Expand Their Portfolio and Potential

With inventory at an all-time low and increased buyer demand, agents are working around the clock to expand their listing opportunities through traditional and creative means. An often overlooked branch of real estate – primed to provide an abundance of inventory opportunity – is the new home sales market.

By the end of 2021, the National Association of Realtors forecasts a 20% increase in new home sales – following an 11% increase in 2019 and 19% increase in 2020. And the pace is expected to continue well into next year. The National Association of Home Builders estimates that there will be 4,381 new homes built every day through 2022.

To ensure real estate professionals can capitalize and succeed at the highest level in this segment of the market, Keller Williams has introduced KW New Homes. Created in partnership with Legacy International – a pillar in the new home industry, widely recognized for their sales strategy, marketing expertise, and world-class training – the community aims to provide members with education and resources so they can expand their portfolio and embrace the potential that New Homes represent.

“The partnership with Legacy International is a testament to KW’s commitment to offering our agents the industry-leading training and resources they need to succeed, especially in the present landscape. We want Keller Williams agents to be the agents of choice for builders and developers, and our partnership with a nationally recognized leader such as Legacy International validates this commitment to their success” says KW head of agent growth and partner experience Matt Green.

“When general listings reached an all-time low as builders were ramping up, Gary Keller and Legacy International connected over the goal of putting more qualified new-home sales professionals on the ground, all over the world,” shares Legacy International COO Mandy van Streepen. “Once we met and discussed our cultures, beliefs, visions, and missions, everything came together perfectly.”

Builder Developer Realtor Education (BDRE)

Entry into KW New Homes begins with the completion of the Builder Developer Realtor Education (BDRE) course. The course offers insights and strategy for selling new homes so agents can facilitate a successful buying experience for clients.

In BDRE, agents will learn how to:

  • Protect their commission

  • Uncover new inventory not listed on the MLS

  • Build value in new home construction

  • Engage with home builder sales agents and build a trusted relationship

“The BDRE program is an introduction for agents in the new home space. This allows them to understand the vernacular, the timelines, what does a new home build look like, and how to prepare to represent that to their buyers,” shares van Streepen. “It will also teach them how to protect themselves, and allow them to be really confident in their understanding of new home communities.”

Once the course is complete, members gain access to a plethora of benefits including access to the KW New Homes Resource Hub, downloadable assets to communicate with the consumer, continuing education credits, guest speakers, an exclusive Facebook group, additional on-demand training, and more.

Builder Developer Realtor Certification (BDRC)

Following BDRE, KW agents can choose to pursue their certification in new homes through the Builder Developer Realtor Certification (BDRC) program. Coming fall 2021, the program will develop the skills and credentials necessary for fostering relationships with builders and developers for more listings – crucial to growing inventory in today’s market.

“The BDRC is a more intensive course which allows the agents to become listing agents for the builder developer,” says van Streepen. “That requires another set of skills and knowledge, but it is an amazing way to expand their listing inventory. So, not only can they represent the buyer, but they can go out and represent home builders as listing agents.”

Experience Unprecedented Success

Van Streepen shares, “Gary has a vision of where new homes will be in the next three to five years, and he knows he wants his agents to be a part of it. He is providing everything they need to participate in something that he believes will be a big part of their business moving forward. Gary, his leadership team, and everyone involved in KW New Homes is committed to owning the new home real estate market.”

Ready to grow your business acumen and expand your portfolio into the new homes arena?

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