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Success is simple, not easy.

Our Keller Williams Productivity Coaching helps agents bridge the gap between understanding what it takes to succeed in real estate and actually executing it.

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Find and Fund Your Big Why

What would having a successful real estate business do for your life?


At Keller Williams, we believe in building businesses worth owning, careers worth having, and lives worth living. Getting clear on what's most important in life can help keep you motivated while you grow your business. Plus, we can help keep you more accountable towards that Big Why, so you can fund your perfect life.

What We Provide You:

  • 1:1 Coaching with a Top Producing Mentor

  • Seller & Buyer Pre-Listing Materials

  • Seller & Buyer Presentation Materials

  • Seller & Buyer Transaction Servicing Materials

  • Seller & Buyer Post-Close Materials

  • Full-Process Operational Checklists

  • Automated Touch Campaigns for Clients

  • Social Media Posting Materials (coming soon!)

  • Daily Strategy Sessions

  • Weekly Members-Only Training

  • Contract and Transaction Support

  • Administrative Support Services

  • LeadShare Membership (shared opportunities)

  • Bonus Incentives, Prizes & Awards

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What To Expect From Our Program:

  • Expand your way of thinking to stay centered on solutions and maximize self confidence

  • Eliminate self-limiting beliefs as it pertains to personal growth, productivity, and earning wealth

  • Discover blind spots holding you back, and structure new habits to work around them

  • Create an achievable business plan with S.M.A.R.T. goals broken down into daily priorities

  • Be held accountable to your vision through systematic prospecting

  • Provide industry leading training and tools necessary to operate at the highest level

  • Supplement your sales pipeline with leads, while also teaching you how to create your own

What We Expect From You:

  • Dedicate at least 30 hours per week towards building your real estate business (transition plans available to those with full time jobs)

  • Communicate openly and honestly with your Coach, following your individualized plan

  • Treat all colleagues, vendors, affiliates, and staff with respect and professionalism

  • Be prepared for all opportunities by dressing professionally while engaged in business activities

  • Prioritize live training events and review recorded events when live attendance was not possible

  • Complete all recommended training and tasks assigned by your coach

  • Attend all coaching sessions prepared and willing to participate fully (scripts practices included)

  • Attend bi-weekly broker team meetings regularly

Success is Simple not easy.png
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Congratulations on taking the next steps towards hitting your real estate goals. We offer a free, no-pressure consultation to all agents looking to grow their business.

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